15 septiembre 2009


Is the city an unsustainable fact by itself? Is it possible to reconstruct it in order to reach a win-win solution for everybody? Many attempts have been made to radically modify the composition of cities during modernity. This was the case of Le Corbusier's Ville Radieuse and Plan Voisin. And more recently, Dubai has been built using the latest technology in order to expand its territory within the sea.
Is it possible to found a brand new city nowadays? if true, what would be considered to shape its configuration?, what social and spatial organization would determine it? We think that is really possible to conceive and visualize a new city to help us improve the ones we have. And together with García Márquez we believe it is not too late to build a Utopia based on shared land.
ARPAFIL contest seeks designs for a new city capable of responding to present and future challenges. A more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable city. The goal is not to develop a masterplan, but an ideal of city. A city system that allows nature, public and private spaces to interact in the most efficient way, improving people's lives and taking into account climatic, geographical and topographical variables.

The new city will be located in the central-western region of Mexico in The Atemajac Valley part of Jalisco State between coordinates 20° 34′ 0″ N, 103° 40′ 35″ W. The valley is bordered by “El Bosque de la Primavera” to the west, the “Barranca de Huentitán” to the north and the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt to the east and south, averaging 1530 to 1550 meters above sea level.

Designs will be judged on principles such as urban landscape, sustainable development and mobility, adaptation strategies for natural environment and social inclusion. There are no restrictions on population density or city area. The proposed site corresponds to the actual location of the city of Guadalajara in Mexico. Participants are asked to act as if the land was never occupied. (See site plan)

Bachelor of Architecture and urbanism students (80% of credits). Master and PhD students, as well as independent professionals up to 35 years old of any nationality.

A single sheet per project, dimensions 45 x 120 cm, vertical orientation, plotted on vinyl, photo glossy or similar. Mounted on foam board panel with brown paper envelope (or similar). The project sheet must contain a frame (10cm wide X 5 cm height) in the lower right corner of the sheet along with a 3 letter and 3 number code. The code is chosen by the participants.
One A4 envelope with the chosen code written on the lower right corner. The envelope must contain copies of the identity documents of the participants along with a short curriculum and personal data (e-mail, telephone, fax)
As well as the project sheet, the entrant is requested to submit original digital data of the project in full resolution (Full size images, editable AutoCad plans or compatible formats). The submitted data must not contain information that points in any form to the authors. The chosen code must be written on the disc case and disc label to guarantee the anonymity of the entry.

First place (one) $50,000.00 (Mexican pesos)
Honorable Mentions can be assigned at discretion of the jury.

Entries will be juried by a panel of renowned leaders in the fields of architecture and urbanism. The identities of the jury as well as the result of their decision will be public on Thursday, December 3, within the activities of the Guadalajara International Book Fair, and on the website by December 7.

No registrations are necessary for this competition. The entries are registered when received at the adress: Analco 285, Col. Barrio de Analco, Guadalajara, Mexico. Postal Code 44450. Submission deadline: Friday, November 27 at 18:00 hrs. (All entries must reach the competition office before the deadline) E-mail: concurso@arpafil.com All necessary costs for submission ( mail / airmail / air courier / EMS charge, tax, insurance, etc. ) must be fully paid by entrants.

The participants grant all copyrights to the organizing committee for handling and publication of the entries. No entries will be returned.

DOWNLOAD competition brief (PDF)
DOWNLOAD site plan (DWG)
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